DJ, Producer, Promoter and Radio Host Sandro Valentino hails from Italy but has lived in the UK from a very early age. Originally a rock drummer, his love for electronic dance music began in 1990 when he was inspired by the ‘Acid House’ sound of the late eighties, which gave birth to the ‘Illegal Acid House Warehouse Party’s’ that were being staged in the North West of England where he lived.

After being exposed to the sound of ‘Acid House’ he quickly learned the skills of being a DJ and made a name for himself on the local club scene in the early to mid-nineties, then through a mutual friend he met his studio mentor Pete 

Gill aka The Love Decade in 1995 who’s top 20 dance hits of the early nineties on All Around The World Records introduced him to the world of music production.

Over the next 10 years he dedicated all of his studio time to producing and remixing for many artists and DJ’s when in the summer of 2006 ‘Hed Kandi’ play listed his debut single “Sandro Feat Estel – Tocca La Musica” for their ‘Hed Kandi Beach House’ Compilation.

Going from strength to strength his debut collab remix with then ‘Bora Bora’ Ibiza resident DJ Oliver Lang was “Vee Scott – Gimme Your Love” released on Universal Music.

This was selected and play listed on ‘Hed Kandi’s Disco Heaven’ Compilation in the summer of 2007. Next up with Oliver Lang he co-remixed two singles ‘Seven Days In Sunny June’ and ‘Dynamite’ from Jamiroquai’s album titled ‘Dynamite’ which was released on Sony Music BMG. By 2017 his productions and remixes have graced many quality house labels including: Hed Kandi, Metrogroove Records, Toolbox Records, Dejavoo Records, Daddy Funk Records, Drum Records, Phunky Rabbit Records, Lowered Recordings, Disco Legends, Soulful Legends, Ibiza Live Records.

In 2016 Sandro joined Keef from Jacked to promote various club nights booking some of the best global DJ talent including: Lenny Fontana, Allister Whitehead, Graeme Park, Russ Marland, Alan Hartley, Marshall Jefferson, Heller & Farley to name a few.

Sandro also presents his own monthly radio show ‘Guilty Grooves House Radio’ on cult station ‘Chorley 102.8FM’ which regularly attracts approx. 30,000 listeners worldwide and also showcases exclusive interviews and guest mixes from the world’s best DJ/Producers.

All in all, Sandro continues to produce & remix for some of the best labels on the planet. The future looks bright for Sandro Valentino who is currently working hard in his studio setting high production standards for the world’s best dance floors.